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It is said that no transport manager has ever been fired for buying a DAF. Whether or not there’s any truth in this we don’t know, but it certainly seems to make sense. After all, no matter whether it’s an LF, CF or XF, you know exactly where you are with a DAF – in a drivable, dependable and hugely reliable lorry. Put simply, a DAF truck is a safe pair of hands.

Available from 7.5 tonnes to 19 tonnes, the lightweight LF is an excellent little workhorse. It is consistently the market leader in the 7.5 tonne sector.

The CF is the mainstay of many a UK fleet, with operators appreciating its low operating costs. DAF considerably boosted the truck’s driver appeal in 2017 when it launched an updated version. The highlight of the revamp was the introduction of ZF’s superb TraXon two-pedal transmission.

The larger XF was revised at the same time, and received a host of new features. Don’t let the elderly cab structure put you off, as under the skin this is a very modern machine. It’s also one of the most spacious trucks on the market.

With most right-hand drive DAFs being assembled in Leyland, this is the closest we have to a major domestic truck manufacturer. So it’s only fitting that DAFs are consistently the best-selling trucks in the UK.

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If you haven’t driven or operated an IVECO for a number of years, now is the time to rediscover the brand. From the 3.5 tonne Daily van, through to the 44 tonne 6×2 Stralis tractor, its extensive range of commercial vehicles really is worth consideration. And that’s not just our view either, as the Daily, Eurocargo and Stralis have each won highly coveted International Van and Truck of the Year awards, adding to an already bulging Turin trophy cabinet.


The Stralis is a great truck to drive, thanks to its hugely respected Cursor engines. IVECO was one of the earliest adopters of two-pedal automated manual transmissions, and the Hi-Tronix 12-speed gearbox that’s fitted to its XP range, is unquestionably one of the best on the market.

IVECO’s decision to tackle Euro-6 with SCR-only, has proved to be a good one, not only in terms of decent fuel efficiency, but because its trucks do not require diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration. This has certainly boosted the appeal of its Eurocargo rigid, which is a major player in the UK’s immortal 7.5-tonne sector.

While not turning its back on diesel, IVECO is investing heavily in natural gas-powered trucks, and in 2017 launched a NP (natural power) Stralis in the UK. Proving that this truck is capable of national distribution, it famously drove the 850 miles from John O’Groats to Land’s End on one tank of LNG.

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If there was a prize for the most improved truck, it would surely go to the MAN TGX. It’s no secret that the German truck manufacturer had some problems with its D20 and D26 EGR engines at Euro 4 and Euro 5, but these are well and truly behind it now. And what has emerged on the other side is a hugely reliable and competent truck.


MAN is credited with inventing the diesel engine, and it’s still at the top of its game today. Its engines are low revving, fuel efficient, and pull incredibly well. Throw the TipMatic (ZF TraXon) transmission into the equation, and you have one of the most drivable trucks on the market. Like Scania, MAN is part of the Volkswagen Group, and over the coming years you can expect to see some component sharing. MAN’s 4×2 tractors are already available with Scania’s excellent Opticruise transmission.

We are big fans of the entire MAN truck range. The TGS is a great all-rounder, while the TGM and TGL cover the distribution sector. Latest edition to the line-up is the TGE van, which rolls off the same assembly line as the VW Crafter.

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