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We understand that customers have unique needs and preferences when buying, leasing or renting trucks and trailers. An exclusive understanding of asset finance and commercial vehicle sales and leasing, along with our experience in the industry, allow us to deliver the right rigid truck and trailer solutions for your business, from our trucks in stock or on pre-order.

We remain completely independent and our purchasing levels, which often make us a leading buyer from the main vehicle manufacturers, result in discounts that can be passed on to our clients. Our Asset Alliance Group procurement team continuously works to balance our stock and source specific assets for our customers’ needs, whether new trucks or used trailers. See below for detailed information about truck finance and truck trailers for sale.


Selecting the right trailers for your needs is far from simple. Each commercial trailer and tractor unit is built to perform in different ways and with specific weight limits. We’re able to advise you about the best vehicles for your business and the legal implications, whether new trailers or used tractor units. If you are still undecided about the benefits of asset leasing versus commercial vehicle sales, our freight brokers will work with you to make these important decisions.

Asset Alliance Group brings together two sides of the industry, combining the expertise of a commercial vehicle leasing company with the highly successful retail of new tractor units, second hand trailers and new trailers for sale in the UK. See below for detailed information about trailer and tractor unit finance and new and used trailers for sale.


Your unique needs will determine the best rigid truck and trailer units on the market for you but acquiring used truck trailers for sale or replacing old with new trucks, can put the healthiest budget under strain. Asset finance is an important part of fleet management that gives you access to assets while posing minimum risk to your business.

We’ve been doing business successfully for many years, partnering with businesses to deliver award-winning lending in the commercial vehicle and transportation space. We have built up expertise and product innovation, from commercial vehicle contract hire and leasing to flexihire and commercial vehicle operating lease options – all designed to help you optimise your asset purchases. See below for detailed information about truck finance; trailers for sale, curtainsiders and other rigids for sale.


If you transport temperature sensitive items like frozen food, fresh produce or pharmaceuticals to market, you’ll need to acquire and maintain a fleet of refrigerated trucks, also called reefers. If you’re on the lookout for fridge trailers for sale, as true asset management professionals we purchase, refinance and procure new and second hand trucks and trailers for our clients. We can buy your assets outright or tailor monthly contracts to your needs.

Our business is about saving you time and money on commercial vehicle deals for reefer trucks and trailers. As a full service asset finance and leasing business incorporating a complete asset management division, we are able to deliver real value to your business. See below for detailed information about reefer finance and trucks and fridge trailers for sale.


Asset Alliance Group is the UK’s fastest growing commercial vehicle, and bus and coach finance and sales company. Our in-depth knowledge and specialist industry experience in providing bus and coach leasing options and flexible asset management solutions, has allowed us to retain the title of Commercial Motor’s Finance Provider of the Year.

Whether you are looking for a single vehicle or a fleet, we serve the commercial bus and coach sector with individual finance and asset management solutions covering the full life cycle. In this way we always deliver the right coach and bus finance options for your new or used buses, coaches, and mini-buses. See below for detailed information about coach leasing and bus and coach finance.


Asset Alliance Group offers tailored traffic management and utility vehicle solutions supported by award-winning lending, from commercial vehicle contract hire to operating lease options. Our primary role is to help you select the best option for your business to optimise your profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow and tax management through the range of options available to you.

As one of the leading buyers of vehicles ranging from everything from 7.5t urban vehicles to 18t impact protection vehicles, we are able to pass these discounts on to our clients. We always provide the right options, whether it be vehicles or crash cushions, for your business. See below for detailed information about traffic management finance and vehicle sales.


Selecting light commercial vehicles for your business can be daunting. We carefully consider your unique needs and preferences, whether box vans or alternative fuel commercial vehicles, when purchasing, leasing or renting light commercial vehicles.

As asset finance and commercial vehicle rental and sales specialists, we understand both finance and the criticality of accurate residual value setting to provide a tailored and higher value service for our clients. See below for detailed information about LCV finance and light commercial vehicle deals and sales.




Asset Alliance Group Truck and Trailer Sales is the UK’s largest independent retailer of new, nearly new and used commercial vehicles for sale. We go beyond simply supplying vehicles and offering asset finance advice. We can look after all your needs around fleet management, servicing, repair, refurbishment, customisation and stacking for export – all from our on-site facilities at three locations, that include workshops and the UK’s largest VOSA authorized testing facility.

Our Asset Alliance Group Truck and Trailer sales division combines more than 25 years of ATE Truck and Trailer Sales experience and over 35 years of Hanbury Riverside expertise. With all this experience and industry knowledge to draw on, our sales team works hard to ensure our customers feel confident in the value and quality of our vehicles, and of course the service and support our customers expect of us. See below for detailed information about new and used tractor units for sale, trailers for sale in Scotland, trucks for sale in the UK, and other commercial vehicles.