Asset Alliance Group is an award-winning finance company, providing specialist financial solutions for the bus and coach industry for over 20 years.

We design solutions according to your desired degree of flexibility. Our rental agreements enable you to address the immediate and one-off demands associated with your fleet and thanks to our wide range of manufacturers, obtaining a diverse range of buses and coaches has never been simpler. Our rental service frees you from extended commitments and provides you with complete flexibility to meet your business requirements.


Instead of committing to long-term ownership or leases, the agreement allows clients to access buses for a defined period, with various contract options to choose from. New vehicle contracts start from one year and above, shorter term hires are available subject to availability. Clients gain access to a diverse selection of pre-inspected vehicles without the financial responsibilities of long term ownership as the bus or coach always remains under the ownership of Asset Alliance Group. Once the vehicle is returned and inspections have been conducted, unpaid balances are settled and the renter’s agreement obligations end.

The benefits of the renting include:

  • Lower initial capital investment.
  • Your rental agreement has fixed monthly payments.
  • Bus and coach rental allows you to meet contractual needs without longer term commitments.
  • Quick response to client needs for additional contracts.
  • Flexibility in the vehicle specification requirements.
  • Access to the latest vehicles, with electric buses in the pipeline.


When looking for a bus or coach to rent, we believe we have several advantages over many mainstream banks and lenders. The points that set us apart include:

  • We are a true bus and coach finance specialist, understanding the marketplace and ensuring the vehicles you buy are in their very best condition.
  • We are independent and have key supply relationships with all leading European bus and coach manufacturers.
  • We have new buses in stock and on order, from a wide range of suppliers to meet the differing needs of the operator.
  • We can source all vehicle typesfrom new to used, from standard builds to custom design and from diesel power to hybrid and electric drives.
  • We can support all contract sizes our asset leasing and asset finance options cover single assets through to large multiple vehicle contracts.
  • We have over 15 years of industry reputation to protect, our product standards are high, and our customer service is exceptional.
  • Our business model is different from others in the sector and has been designed to meet the needs of customers now and in the future, especially clients where running a fleet is not part of their core business.
  • We are forward thinking and know our customers are too, all our bus and coach vehicles feature low emission Euro 6 engines, with full electric in the pipeline.