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Low Loader Trailers for Sale

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Choose from a selection of Low Loader Trailers for sale, including from market-leading manufacturers Montracon and Dennison. Lightweight and durable with cutting-edge design, these Low Loader Trailers accommodate a range of vehicle and machinery weights and sizes, making them ideal for all your commercial vehicle requirements.

Our sales team can help choose the right Low Loader Trailer for you, whether you’re a small business owner or looking for a whole fleet. We’re pleased to provide these dependable Low Loader Trailers from our offices based in Middleton and Wolverhampon, England, and Newmains, Scotland. Search our range of Low Loader Trailers for sale today to request a call back.

Low loader FAQs

What does a low loader do?

A low loader is a specialised type of trailer designed to transport tall or oversized cargo, such as heavy machinery, industrial equipment or large vehicles. The key feature of a low loader is its deck height, which is significantly lower than that of standard trailers. This low deck allows for the transportation of tall cargo without exceeding height restrictions on roadways.

Low loaders often feature “flip toe” ramps at the back, allowing vehicles and machinery to be easily driven onto the trailer, and making the loading or unloading of cargo easier.

What is a low trailer?

A low loader is also known as a low trailer or lowboy. This trailer type is designed with a deck closer to the ground, enabling the transportation of taller loads while maintaining compliance with height regulations on the roads.

What is the difference between a low loader and a low bed?

The terms “low loader” and “low bed” are often used interchangeably, generally referring to the same type of trailer designed for transporting tall cargo. However, it’s worth noting that “low bed” is a broader term that can encompass various types of trailers with lower deck heights, including low loaders.

How high is a low loader trailer?

The height of a low trailer can vary depending on its design and specifications. However, the defining feature of a low loader is its lower deck height compared to standard trailers.

Specifications for low loaders are typically as follows, but may vary:

  • Maximum payload (2-axle): 18,000 kg (with an additional 36,000 kg depending on the number of axles)
  • Width: 2.5 m
  • Height: 4.3m