As referenced in our Master Hire Agreement and to provide you with transparency in relation to our charging structure we want to make sure that you are aware of any additional costs that may be incurred during the life of your Agreement with us.

Detailed below is our list of charges, the cost of each charge type and a description as to the circumstances under which each charge may apply.

Charge Type Charge (net of VAT) Description
Change of due date £25.00 This fee is charged if you wish to have your monthly repayment date varied.  Such a change may require us to vary the rental amount on your agreement to maintain our original rate of return.
Rescheduling of Agreement payments 1% subject to a minimum of £200.00 This fee is charged should there be a need to reschedule your rental payments.  The 1% charge relates to the outstanding balance of your Agreement at the date of the reschedule.
Insufficient funds to meet a Direct Debit £25.00 This fee is charged when there are insufficient funds in your account to meet a Direct Debit.
Cancellation of Direct Debit £25.00 This fee is charged when a Direct Debit is cancelled without prior notice.  Please remember you should allow 10 working days to advise us in writing of any changes in Direct debits.
Returned cheque fee £25.00 This fee is charged if a cheque paid into our account is returned unpaid.
Overdue payment £25.00 This fee is charged if payments due under your Agreement extend beyond 30 days in arrears.
Arrears letter £25.00 This fee covers the cost of issuing a letter to you in connection with any payment arrears.  This fee will apply to each letter issued.
Repossession charges £250.00 plus any 3rd party costs This fee is charged should we require to repossess our goods.
Charge for undertaking an arrears visit £200.00 This fee is charged if we or a 3rd party acting for us is required to attend your premises to discuss payment arrears.
Copy of agreement £25.00 This fee is charged if you ask us to provide you with copies of your Agreement and is in respect of our administration costs incurred.
Late payment interest See Master Hire Agreement You may be charged late payment interest at the agreed contractual rate for any period that your Agreement is in arrears.