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Used Volvo Tractor Units for Sale

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Manufacturer: SCANIA

Year: 2022


Gearbox: Automatic

Web Ref. No: 5910


In stock

Manufacturer: MERCEDES BENZ

Year: 2022


Gearbox: Automatic

Web Ref. No: 5907


In stock

Manufacturer: IVECO

Year: 2021


Gearbox: Automatic

Web Ref. No: 5892

2018 (68) Volvo FH, Euro 6, 500bhp, 4.1m Wheelbase, Automatic Gearbox, Single Bunk, Red and Black interior, Overhead and Under Bunk Storage, Night Heater, Cruise Control, Fridge, Electric Mirrors, Factory Fitted DVS, Sat Nav and CB Radio, Tipping Gear, Mini Mid Lift & Skylight. Finance & Warranty Options Available.

In stock

Manufacturer: VOLVO

Year: 2018

Axle: 6x2

Gearbox: Automatic

Web Ref. No: 5832

Looking for a heavy-duty and versatile vehicle for hauling? Our range of hardworking used tractor units for sale are reliable and affordable thanks to our range of finance options. We stock industry-leading brands like Mercedes and DAF, built and designed to move heavy and large loads, making them ideal for a wide range of industries, from construction to shipping. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you find a suitable unit for your needs. Contact us or you can request a call back to find out more about our used tractor units for sale.

How tall is a Scania Lorry?

Scania lorries are available in various configurations, each with their own height specifications. The height of a Scania lorry depends on the model, wheelbase, and any additional customisations. For accurate measurements, check the model specifications on our product page.

What is special about Scania?

This Swedish manufacturer has an excellent reputation that spans the industry, from small family businesses to high-profile hauliers. As one of the most well-known truck and lorry brands, Scania continues to set the standard for quality and efficiency in the transportation industry. Although they are not the most affordable trucks available, class-leading residual values and a low total cost of ownership make it worth it and will certainly aid in driver recruitment.

How good are Scania trucks?

The adage goes that there are two types of lorry drivers, those who drive a Scania and those who wish they did. Scania trucks are known for having robust construction and delivering long-lasting performance, even under tough conditions, which is beneficial for businesses that depend on continuous operation. Excellent safety standards, fuel efficiency and advanced engine technology make these trucks some of the best in the commercial vehicle market.

Is Scania better than Mercedes?

As two of the most renowned brands in the industry, both Scania and Mercedes-Benz have distinct advantages and strengths. Scania is renowned for its focus on efficiency, innovation, and driver comfort, while Mercedes has a reputation for luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology. Ultimately, we can advise the best option based on your business’ short and long-term needs, so get in touch!

What can a tractor unit be used for?

As a heavy-duty vehicle designed to haul a towed or trailered load, this versatile vehicle has plenty of commercial uses. Tractor units are essential in everything from construction and air freight to retail and storage.

What are the units of a tractor?

Tractor units can have many axles, the most common being 4×2 and 6×2.

Which axle configuration is best?

4×2 and 6×2 refer to the total number of wheels on the tractor and the total number of drive wheels, but which one is right for you depends on a few factors. The weight of your vehicle and the terrain you operate on should be critical deciding factors when selecting axle configuration, as it can impact handling and fuel consumption.

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