The importance of social selling within truck and trailer sales

John Scott – Area Sales Manager

As someone who has worked for Asset Alliance Group for more than seven years, I’m no stranger to the changing landscape of sales.

And over the past couple of years, selling through social media has been having a significant impact on the way our customers buy new and used vehicles.

While we continue to use the phone, our website and emails to share updates and opportunities with customers, Facebook and LinkedIn are now important parts of our toolkit.

They allow us to share more vehicles more quickly and help ensure new and used vehicles don’t stay in our yards for long.

Skeletal trailers are just one example of a product in extremely high demand at the moment, and as soon as we share one on our social platforms, it’s sold within hours.

We’ve been known to sell a truck within five minutes of posting it on Facebook!

Of course, it’s not just about the platforms we use. The reputation we are building as having the youngest fleet of ex-contract hire vehicles is also a huge benefit!