Compliance, assurance and teamwork

Caroline Atkin, Group Operations Administrator

At Asset Alliance Group, I manage contract hire and hire purchase contracts, dealing with compliance, governance and finance.

Given it is “back-office”, the importance of this is not always visible, but it is key and the team are kept very busy. For example, on the compliance side, we make sure all elements of deals are checked and filed on the system, such as operators’ licences and insurance documents. We also send out electronic documents to customers, which works better for our team and the customer, rather than raising manual documents, and check the finance paperwork before deals are activated.

If customers do experience any issues, I help to address them. I always prefer to get on the phone to have a chat where possible, and people really appreciate that personal service and the fact we’re quick to get involved.

It’s great being back in the office after the pandemic. I find it much better being around people, working together and having camaraderie among the team, although we know we can work from home if we need to.

I am also a member of Asset Alliance Group’s Customer Service Group.

The company has really grown since I joined the Newmains office in Scotland six years ago. I spent a year working in accounts there before relocating south to bring Purchase Ledger down to Wolverhampton, before moving to Operational Support. I really do find all aspects of my job rewarding and working with some great people across the business is building my knowledge of the company. It is my daytime family, and we have a fantastic team spirit and all support each other.