Fleet Management - the benefits

The service we provide is based on our experience of running our own fleet and we use the same procedures and resources for your fleet as we do for our own.

We provide a comprehensive range of services from managing fines and tolls through to RFL administration and breakdown calls.

Benefits include:

  • Significant reduction in administration
  • Timely and accurate reporting of expenditure
  • Strict cost control
  • 24/7 capability
  • Management of legal notices e.g. congestion charges, parking and fines etc
  • Legal compliance management
Breakdown and accident management

We provide one single point of call for all breakdown calls and a 24 hour, quick response service.

Detailed reporting is provided on all incidents.

SLAs are in place with our supplier network to ensure cost efficiency and quality.


AAG can help identify gaps and shortfalls and make recommendations to help ensure your fleet is compliant.

Customers can benefit from a unique legal compliance system providing customers with a real-time view of legal documentation and progress against actions.

Vehicle replacement

If your fleet requirements change during the course of your contract, we can help. Our extensive manufacturer relationships means we can respond with the specification or vehicle type you need to keep your business on the road.

Fuel management

Advice on replacement cycles – many companies operate vehicles past their economic life which can have a significant effect on fuel economy.  AAG will advise on when to replace vehicles – this ensures optimum fuel efficiency as well as improving the productivity of your fleet by reducing the likelihood of downtime through breakdown and maintenance.

Supply information and access to data on driver behaviour that has an impact on fuel consumption including hard acceleration, idling, inconsistent speeds, excess use of air conditioning and hard braking.

Advice on driver training programs can be provided to minimize recurrence of this behaviour.