Value-driven Business

Cameron Thomson, Culture, Learning & Development Director

‘Employees make or break a company’ is a tale as old as time. It’s not ground-breaking news, so then why do so many companies get it wrong? And why do so many find it hard to recruit and retain good staff?

At Asset Alliance Group, we believe to have good staff you need to be clear on your values – they are the lifeblood running through your business.

Clear core values help make sure new people will be a good organizational fit and they play an essential role in attracting, recruiting, and retaining talented professionals.

Our core values at Asset Alliance Group are passion for success, pride in our efforts and promises delivered. Above all else, these are the things that distinguish us as a business and are what all of our team members strive to achieve.

Now, what if I told you that the core values themselves aren’t that important?

It may sound like I’m contradicting myself, but what really matters is the depth of belief that we have in them.

No matter how great your company values sound, first of all live by them, lead with an example, put them before profit, and never compromise. Any business can have company values, but what you do with them and how you embed them in the business is the real key.

The most effective technique, and one we follow at Asset Alliance Group, is to keep talking about them.

Our leadership team meets regularly, and, on each occasion, bring examples of when our core values have been used, and even when we have fallen short on them. By pinpointing these areas and learning from them – good and bad – is what will help set our future path.

We also include our core values in the recruitment process, asking potential employees to talk about how they can fit in with them and incorporating different exercises to demonstrate them. This way we can make sure the whole team is aligned.

Above all, it is essential to recognise team members when they embrace the company values and put them into action. That way, other team members will follow and you’ll create a robust and long-lasting organisation.