New Initiatives will Help us Serve you Better Than Ever in 2022

Our ambition to provide our customers with the best possible customer service has been bolstered with three new initiatives.

Firstly, we have updated our Customer Charter which outlines our ways of working setting clear expectations for our customers. It covers relationship management, clear communication, reliable expertise, transparency and simplicity, safety and compliance and personal responsibility.

You can read it in full here!

We have also committed that every member of our team will receive quarterly training on customer relations – an investment that will benefit our customers as well as our team who we encourage to grow professionally.

Thirdly, we have created a new management team in our business with the responsibility to identify and improve any elements of service where we believe improvement is required. This will include staff, customer and supplier feedback and we welcome suggestions from all those with whom we work and support.

All of these initiatives are to build on what we believe is already a good platform, but like everything else, it is never perfect. This year we hope to move that bit closer to being the company that can set itself apart on service and relationships wherever possible. We are pleased to have adopted these three initiatives as a central theme of our business strategy in 2022 and beyond!