Future-proofing your bus fleets with sustainability in mind

In a sector where the call for environmental sustainability grows louder each day, more businesses are considering bus and coach rental to maintain fleet flexibility and plan for the future.

Sustainable fleet management

Sustainable fleet management is a strategic approach to minimise environmental impact. It involves implementing practices and technologies that reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions, and promote the use of cleaner, more energy-efficient vehicles.

But while the transport industry navigates this transition, businesses face challenges like high costs and insufficient infrastructure to support electric vehicles. Fortunately, the ability to rent provides the flexibility to adapt without committing to long-term purchases, making it the ideal solution for this uncertain period.

Demand for rental solutions on the rise

While demand for rentals is typically operator-led, there are also businesses who need to move people that aren’t bus operators, such as airport car parks or the NHS, as well as businesses that have demand for vehicles on short notice.

By considering renting instead of purchasing, these businesses can be at the forefront of transportation innovation, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.

According to Martyn Bellis, Commercial Director for Bus and Coach at Asset Alliance, “the sector adopting electric busses the quickest is Transport for London, and while Asset Alliance plans to increase the number of electric vehicles we finance, operators do take on a lot of the operational risks on EV. We are in a transitional period where you can finance a diesel bus or an electric bus, it won’t be long before many lenders look at leasing of diesel powered buses as a  future risk , and may not be as bullish with residual values as they may have been five or six years ago.”

“Everyone wants to get to zero emissions”, says Martyn, “so the view on residual values will increase as people become more comfortable with the technology, leading to a narrowing gap in the costs as diesel vehicles become more expensive to lease and electric becomes cheaper.”

Demand is still high for diesel buses and coaches due to their accessibility and lower costs compared to electric alternatives, but rental options provide a flexible solution as the market shifts towards sustainable solutions. Renting offers the agility needed to navigate this transition, allowing companies to adapt their fleets in response to evolving market demands and advancements in electric vehicle technology.

Benefits of bus and coach rentals

  • Adaptable solutions: Rental options provide the flexibility to adapt fleet composition based on the most environmentally friendly vehicles available, ensuring businesses can always choose the greenest option.
  • Reducing overall impact: By opting for rental over ownership, companies can avoid the long-term environmental impact of maintaining older, less efficient vehicles.
  • A diverse fleet: Offering a wide range of buses and coaches, Asset Alliance Group ensures businesses have access to the most sustainable transportation options.

Choosing to rent buses and coaches from Asset Alliance Group not only supports your business’s operational needs but also aligns with your environmental strategy. Speak to us today to find out more.