Financing the Wider Market

Michael Bycroft, Managing Director, Asset Finance, Bus & Coach and Vendor Finance

Michael Bycroft, Managing Director, Asset Finance, Bus & Coach and Vendor Finance

As a business, Asset Alliance Group has built up an incredibly strong reputation for delivering award-winning lending across the commercial vehicle and transportation sector.

However, what many customers don’t realise is that the financial support we provide doesn’t stop at vehicles!

We can finance anything from manufacturing equipment, warehouse racking, plant & machinery, production and packing lines, or, storage solutions to IT hardware – and everything in between!

Recently, we’ve enhanced our wider asset finance offering with a dedicated division that can support and arrange funding for any general asset finance requirement.

This allows our clients to feel comfortable that one asset funder can meet all their needs, and minimises the time and paperwork involved in multiple asset purchase plans. This can be key as we know how important it is to everyone to save time and reduce paperwork!

At Asset Alliance Group, there are no restrictions on who we can help, and, we can offer tailored support for all types and sizes of customers, and for all requirements.

Honestly, we do appreciate how tedious applying for funding can be! Securing the right deal is so important as it can have such a major influence on financial performance.

That’s why, when applying for funding on a customer’s behalf, we handle the submission in its entirety, regardless of whether it is funded in-house, or, through our capacity as a broker. This means we can offer a more flexible, cost effective and tailored finance package than other lenders.

With almost 50 years’ experience, our general asset finance team always takes the time to assess what will work best for each customer, both in terms of product, and, financial perspective. Our real strength is that we can build deals to suit individual requirements.

We also take a consultative approach – we’re not transactional. We meet our customers’ needs, and never the other way around and that’s why we have carved out such a niche for ourselves in the commercial vehicle sector in a relatively short space of time.

We’re just delighted to now be so well-placed to provide that high level of service and trust for more than just the ‘on-wheels’ requirements our customers have.