Embracing technology is providing platform for growth

Ian Pakeman, Head of Technology Development

I’ve been told that I’m a great example of rising through the ranks in our business, and after about 15 years at the company I recommend it as a great place to work. I started in a position that involved checking vehicles in and out. Since then, I’ve probably worked in most areas of the business, seeing it grow from just a handful of staff to where we are today. I’m now Head of Technology Development and a proud member of the management committee.

All of these roles have given me brilliant insights into how Asset Alliance Group operates across departments. I think my experience perfectly shows how career progression can happen – there are many opportunities to thrive and grow within the company.

Why have I stayed? The people in this business are just fantastic and I’ve got some great colleagues. It’s the sheer variety of work that I enjoy most, with no two days being the same. There are always new challenges and I relish finding the best solutions to improve operational efficiencies at Asset Alliance Group. My keen eye for detail and a need to properly understand the way things work no doubt suit the problem-solving skills required for my job and getting to grips with the technological processes and procedures that I’m responsible for.

The culture of the business is great too. We have always been encouraged to be open, to voice an opinion and share our ideas to help the company make decisions and form policies. It’s very much a people business, where collaboration is key to growth. Day-to-day, I think the top-level management has a real presence and visibility in the business and there is always an opportunity for all staff to speak to senior executives.

In my department, there’s a multitude of technology projects underway as we seek to ensure Asset Alliance Group maximises the use of technology to grow the business and keep an edge on our rivals. From our business platform upgrade, to our robotics project, designed to provide process automation and significantly reduce paperwork administration, all our sights are set on improving the working practices of staff. In addition, we confidently believe we will soon have the most modern lease platform in our industry.

I always have a keen eye on what’s going on in the automotive industry and, with the procurement team exploring all green technologies, I’m taking a strong interest in this side of tech developments. It’s vitally important to keep up to speed on these emerging technologies and industry trends to ensure we make the right decisions in future on our EV offerings.

As I mentioned, I do love this business – although it can have its days of course! The key is the culture of our company around both staff support and embracing technology wherever we can. Simply put, it’s great being part of a business that each year develops and goes from strength to strength.