ATE Truck and Trailer Sales opens export route to Myanmar with 11-strong Scania deal

ATE Truck and Trailer Sales, part of the Asset Alliance Group and a major retailer of new and used commercial vehicles, has sold 11 pre-owned trucks to a customer in Myanmar – opening a lucrative export market as yet untapped by the Wolverhampton-based retailer.

The 11 commercial vehicles – a mix of Scania R420 and R480 6×2 tractor units – marks ATE’s first export deal to the Southeast Asian nation. The trucks will take 40 days to arrive at the port of Yangon, after setting sail from Felixstowe.

James Jenkins, Sales Director at ATE, says: “Myanmar is gradually becoming ‘open for business’, and we’re pleased to have secured our first deal, as its appetite for commercial vehicles continues to grow.

“Southeast Asia is a key export market for European-made commercial vehicles, and when we got the call, the customer was delighted to hear just how quickly we could arrange to get the trucks loaded and shipped to Yangon, thanks to the considerable stock we keep on site in Wolverhampton.”

Prior to the sale, the 11 Scanias were first inspected and serviced at the company’s Wolverhampton workshop, where skilled technicians ensured the vehicles would be able to handle the new owner’s heavy workload.

“Our full-service workshop means we can adapt any product to a customer’s requirements,” adds Jenkins. “In this case, the customer required that the trucks be ready to work the second they rolled off the ramp at Yangon – a capability we were happy to provide.”

ATE Truck and Trailer Sales, as part of Asset Alliance Group – which combines expertise in contract hire, finance and commercial vehicle sales has access to a steady supply of well-maintained, ex-contract trucks and trailers, which can be refurbished and sold around the world.

Much like its extensive range of used trucks and trailers, ATE also maintains stock of approximately 40 new trailers at any one time, including dry freight boxes, reefers, skeletals, tippers and low loaders.

ATE engaged the services of IML Marine Management – a specialist in the overseas transport of trucks, cranes, construction and mining equipment – to ship the 11 Scania tractor units.


Note to editors:
Asset Alliance Group is redefining the way companies acquire commercial vehicles, through its brands Asset Alliance , ATE Truck and Trailer Sales , Forest Asset Finance and Total Reefer.

The Group occupies a unique position in the market, as it uses its own funds and significant buying power to supply multi-brand vehicles on any combination of contract hire, operating lease, finance lease or hire purchase. This flexibility, combined with a transparent and consultative approach, helps customers drive maximum efficiency from their fleets.

Asset Alliance Group also stands out for maintaining full control of residual risk through its retail arm ATE Truck and Trailer Sales, which protects customers from overly strict return conditions commonplace in the industry. Its modern workshop facilities also keep end-of-life costs to a minimum and provide the opportunity to refurbish vehicles in-house for an additional life in service.

The Group is headquartered in Wolverhampton and was founded in 2010 by Willie Paterson, former Director of Commercial Finance at Alliance & Leicester plc.

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