Advantages of Contract Hire for Commercial Vehicles

Ensuring the optimal performance and management of your fleet is paramount. However, this can be an expensive, resource-heavy undertaking for fleet owners. This is where contract hire for commercial vehicles comes to the forefront, allowing businesses to finance a fleet while the financier retains ownership and the burden of upkeep.

Holistic vehicle management

When businesses opt for contract hire, they get a vehicle and a service package. This means that the financier handles every aspect of the vehicle’s maintenance, operational requirements, and overall management – alleviating resourcing constraints and pressure.

Comprehensive service offerings

From routine inspections to emergency repairs, the entire vehicle lifecycle is managed under one umbrella, ensuring efficiency and minimal downtime.

With Asset Alliance’s contract hire package, businesses can have the peace of mind that the following services will be covered for them:

Vehicle Management Units (VMUs)

Vehicle Management Units (or Vehicle Maintenance Units) are pivotal in the modern fleet ecosystem.

These units act as the central hub for vehicle maintenance and servicing. They offer a consistent, well-polished standard of service with fast turnarounds, meaning less vehicle downtime.

No outsourcing headaches

Contract hiring eliminates the need for outsourcing fleet management. With the lessor handling all aspects related to vehicle management, businesses needn’t carry the administrative burden of outsourcing-related issues.

Hassle-free end-of-term procedures

When the contract term is finished, the return process is as simple as delivering the vehicles back to the financier.

Contract hire with Asset Alliance is not just a vehicle leasing option; it’s a holistic solution for businesses that seek efficiency, reliability, and simplicity in managing their commercial vehicle fleet. We have been in the industry for over a decade and are trusted by some of the UK’s largest logistics providers.