Adrian Lannon – 1966 – 2023

It is with heaviest of hearts that we report the passing of one of the key figures and personalities in our business. Adrian Lannon was laid to rest last Friday, leaving behind his beloved wife Pauline and sons Alex and Jake, as well as many friends and colleagues.

Adrian was a long-time driving force and a company director who was Asset Alliance through and through.

He was a great mentor and a leader of his team, who valued compassion and hard work in equal measure. He also had a huge sense of humour and, in his own dry style, he would give and take banter with the best of them. His smile was as common as his ‘negotiation game face’.

There’s no doubt that Adrian’s passing will leave a huge hole in our business. But we will always remember the good times, of which there were many, and Asset Alliance Group will continue on its journey that Adrian helped shape for us all. He will always be remembered.