A Remarkable Recovery

Craig Wells, Business Development Manager

After experiencing a life-threatening case of Covid, Craig Wells wanted to find a new role in a forward-thinking business that would give him new opportunities – and at the end of last year he joined our team as Business Development Manager.

Craig’s story is a reminder to us all of how important it is to make the most of every day, and we are proud to share it – and to have Craig on our team. We are so grateful for his full recovery.

Craig explains: “I’m an optimist by nature so when lockdown first came into force, I saw it as a chance to spend time with my family and focus on working from home.

“Then, when I got Covid in October 2020, I was sure I’d be fine – even as the ambulance pulled up outside my house after I took a turn for the worst.

“But the paramedics confirmed my oxygen levels had dropped to 76 per cent – anything below 93 per cent is considered dangerous – so I was rushed to the Critical Care Unit at King’s Mill Hospital.

“At that time, only 20 per cent of Covid patients in Critical Care were surviving, but still I remained in good spirits and was moved to the respiratory ward as I stabilised.

“Fought as I might, Covid got into my brain, lungs, nervous system and heart one at a time, so I was soon back in Critical Care where a scan showed my lungs were saturated with the virus. I was then put into an induced coma, where I died three times.

“Amazingly, in November 2020, I came ‘round. I couldn’t talk, walk or sit up unassisted but I’d survived. I’d also lost my hair and fingernails. Before I could go home, I had to prove that I could walk up six steps – they gave me two months to do it, but I cracked it in 11 days.

“Recovery was really tough but pure determination and a positive mental attitude pushed me to get better, and in May last year I took part in a 17-mile charity walk. I was officially discharged from Critical Care in the Autumn.

“Overall, my positive outlook remains just the same as before, but it is true to say I have a new zest for life, and in my role at Asset Alliance Group. I have plenty of professional ambitions I want to achieve and I’m excited about making a significant contribution to the business.”