One team, one vision

Discussion and reflection on how to develop a winning team was the theme for our inspiring second annual staff conference, which included memorable speeches from racing driver Jonny Adam and musician Midge Ure.

Workshop sessions focused on the importance of working together, understanding the role each individual plays in a team, the relevance of continuous improvement within a business, and how working towards a vision can drive action.

Colleagues were also tasked with identifying their own work behavioural style as well as creating the perfect team member!

In the afternoon, we were joined by record-breaking race driver Jonny Adam who explained how strong communication was integral to his team winning the 24 hours of Le Mans, 2017.

Finally, Midge Ure explained how he had to take considerable risk to achieve his pioneering vision of Live Aid.

Lessons learned on the day are already being implemented in our work, and we would like to thank all those who took part for their focus and passion.